Из истории отеля Alcron

The history of the legendary Prague Hotel Alcron begins in the 30s of the last century. Before the war, it hosted such celebrities as Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill. The hotel has retained its reputation during the communist era. C such time as Alcron opened its doors to visitors in 1932, he was always in the thick of things.

Alcron Hotel, Which is now Called the Radisson Blu Alcron , WAS designed by the Prague Entrepreneur and Architect Alois Croft (Alois Krofta), Decided to Give His Native city Hotel worthy of the Capital of A Democratic State with the Most developed Economies in Central Europe .

Almost immediately after the discovery of an elegant hotel Alcron gained immense popularity among residents and visitors of Prague. Among his guests were many celebrities, members of senior high society and political circles.

Radisson Blu Alcron

Standing in the spacious lobby, you can easily travel back in that era - long-term efforts of several teams of restorers worked alternately allowed to fully restore the magnificent interior of the hotel. At the final stage of the work carried out under the guidance of designer Maria Vafiadis (Maria Vafiadis), which managed to subtly convey the typical features of an elegant Art Deco style.

Some of the original elements, reflecting the spirit of the era immediately attract attention. These are by far the main staircase, is a prime example of functionalism - popular at the time of the architectural direction, and grate with the original logo of the hotel.

Radisson Blu Alcron

Walls Michelin-starred restaurant The Alcron decorated with copies of famous paintings by Polish artist Art Deco era, Tamara de Lampika (Tamara de Lampicka); and the restaurant La Rotonde boasts magnificent chandelier 30s with sparkling in the rays of light crystal pendants.

But best of all the avant-garde nature of the hotel Alcron transmits charming bronze figurine of the famous prima ballerina Elizabeth Nicholas created grandson Czech sculptor Emanuel Kodeta (Emanuel Kodet) - author of the original work. A copy of the sculpture depicting a graceful dancer hands spread out, with which Alois Croft is said to have had an affair, brings us back to the origins of the history of the hotel and is a worthy tribute to his ambitious creator.

Radisson Blu Alcron

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